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How We Work

Our Proven 6 Step Process

#1 We Understand Your Business

First of all, we will learn about your business, products or services you offer. We will be in conversation with you.

#2 Research and Analysis

Then we will do research about your industry or niche and will do our best to get you the result from our work.

#3 Script Writing

Based on our research and experience, we will write high converting script so that your customers will get attracted towards your business.

#4 Voiceover

Here we will het a professional and clear sounding voiceover for the scripts we have written and will mix with music wherever necessary.

#5 Video Creation and Editing

Now, we will create high quality video using the script and voiceover. We will use animations, stock videos, text animation, etc. to make it look professional and compelling.

#6 Delivery & Post Editing

After we have created the video we will send it to you for review. We will do all the editing that you will suggest and will handover the final piece of video when you are fully satisfied. Then we ask for payment.

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